How To Win the Million Dollar Reward

My Background


My name is David Voigts.  I'm a former naval officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  I earned a degree in control systems engineering and worked in electronics warfare and nuclear engineering as a Surface Warfare Officer.  While I was in the service I learned of a domestic targeting program that is used on unsuspecting civilians.  The program is perpetrated by a small private industry staffed by current and former members of the military, government, law enforcement, and intelligence communities using military/intelligence weapons and tactics, and it's done for profit. 


The program is part of an illegal contract intimidation, stalking, and harassment industry.  The weapons and tactics used on the victims are not allowed in domestic civilian applications and may only be used in a narrow set of circumstances in a declared war abroad, and only against combatant adversaries. 


I've been trying to raise awareness of this illegal program for a number of years, but the way the victims are attacked is so unusual and so sophisticated, that it is difficult to maintain credibility when articulating the topic.  Moreover, these types of programs are often perpetrated against people who would have no recourse when attacked -  meaning they select people who don't have the experience or resources to fight back.


There is historical documentation of this exact type of activity, but until recently there hasn't been much current news to point to when discussing this issue.  Fortunately, there are now some developing news stories and a few criminal prosecutions that help support the victims' claims.  I'm hoping these new revelations and the reward money will allow us to find witnesses who would submit tips to law enforcement on the victims' behalf.


The Program


The program is concealed by silencing and discrediting the victims using organized intimidation stalking, workplace harassment, smear campaigns, and attacks with extraordinarily sophisticated microwave-based psychological warfare weapons.  These weapons and tactics are used on the targets, their family members, friends, coworkers, and pets in a surreptitious manner. 


The goal is to isolate the target from help by incriminating some of the family, friends, or coworkers in the crime.  The incrimination process is clever and insidious, so few people in the targets social network act to protect the target.  After that incrimination process happens almost no one speaks up for fear of the repercussions.


The weapons have been discussed publicly in the news coverage about the health attacks on the US diplomats in Cuba and China.  However, the weapons have incredible capabilities, and the attacks on civilians around the world are more sophisticated and horrific than the news coverage's portrayal of the attacks on the diplomats. 


Also in the news, Leah Remini's show Scientology and the Aftermath describes identical organized intimidation stalking tactics perpetrated by contracted private investigators.  Former perpetrators have appeared on the show to speak about the equipment and tactics they used.  The episodes Fair Game, Merchants of Fear, and Spies Like Us reveal how private contractors use smear campaigns, surveillance, intimidation, and harassment to discredit targets of the church.  Moreover, all episodes of Scientology and the Aftermath are insightful in describing the psychology of these types of perpetrators. 


There are thousands of victims all over the world, and they have been asking for help for a very long time.  However, they have been unable to organize and break through the discrediting process that conceals the program due to a lack of resources.  As Remini's show reports, the victims of these types of attacks are blocked from maintaining gainful employment in their field.  They are harassed, sabotaged, and goaded to an outburst by complicit perpetrators at their workplace with the intent of getting the target fired or removed from their job.  Moreover, they are made unwell through attacks with the weaponry, so their job performance suffers. 


Without suitable jobs, the victims don't have the financial resources to fight back.  This is an outrageous abuse of their rights and these people must be freed from their abusers.  We advocates, want to help them achieve that freedom, but we need tips from the public to bring these harassment & torture groups into the criminal justice system.  Once that happens, the news media will be able to report their stories with confidence, and the victims will have a pathway to their freedom.


In addition to freeing these people from their abusers, the technology has an incredible upside for people with spinal cord injuries.  The weapon is a microwave-based human-machine interface technology and it is a way to deliver the sensation of touch wirelessly. 


And as one can imagine, the capability to deliver touch sensation wirelessly without recourse from the criminal justice system, encourages horrific behavior.  I've been doing public outreach for many years now.  I've talked to over a thousand targeted people, and almost all the victims complain of unwanted sexual stimulation.  Sexual humiliation is a common tactic in torture programs, and this type of tactic was revealed in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.  Truthfully, sexual humiliation is part of the manuals that govern this type of torture.  The humiliation tactic is used to reduce the person and dominate them psychologically.


Moreover, you could keyword search "Operation Midnight Climax" for historical context.  The same types of people that ran that program are running the current one.  Their belief is that if they attack their targets in an extremely embarrassing manner, then they won't speak up and report the crime.  Additionally, the perpetrators intimidate their targets and actively sabotage all efforts to get help from the public.  It's a very well done crime, and they don't get caught often.  Look how long the stories about Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, or R. Kelly circulated before any action was taken.  Wealthy people get away with this as long as they are making people money.


Submit a Tip to Win the Reward Money


Many thousands of people have been working to get this illegal program exposed.  Much of that work has been completed behind the scenes and those advocates are waiting for more information about the program to come into the public light to publish stories or indict.  For example, there were several people that tried to publish an article similar to Ronin Farrow's article that's listed in the Resources tab.  Reporter David Carr tried in 2001 and reporter Ken Auletta tried in 2002.  However, Farrow's article didn't publish until November of 2017.


I try to stick to documented facts when discussing the topic, and the sources in the Resources tab provide a full explanation of this crime.  However, in the interest of freeing these people in an expeditious manner, you should know that this effort will likely yield more facts about the gym mat murder of Kendrick Johnson.  Once the facts about that murder come out in publication, the public will be empowered to expose the program through force.  The perpetrators who did that crime are the same ones that operate this harassment program.  They will be found and indicted and will reveal this program for favorable terms.  If you submit a tip about any targeted person, victims will likely be freed, everyone involved would be protected, and you could win the reward.




If your tip leads to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators who subsequently reveal information about the electromagnetic attacks, you would likely qualify for the reward.  All that is needed to solve this crime is for the credibility of the victim's testimony to be supported. 


Many of the victims know their attackers, and many of the witnesses and perpetrators in these cases know about the weapons.  When they do talk, it will be sufficient proof to publish further articles and indict perpetrators, and it would be an admission that these weapons exist and are deployed in the US.  From there, the victims could receive medical treatment the same way the US diplomats have received medical treatment.


An Example of How to Win the Money - Submit A Tip About My Harassment Program




As written above, I'm a former naval officer and a Naval Academy graduate.  When I learned that this military capability was being used in private for-profit harassment campaigns, I tried to figure out a legal way to assess the situation.  On the one hand, this technology is classified.  On the other hand, it is being used illegally by wealthy individuals, corporations, and political interests to discredit and torture civilians.


The domestic targeting program is not something an individual member of the military could address because only certain people to work with the tactics and technology and if you're not part of those groups you don't ask about it.  And if you are part of those groups, you are sworn to secrecy.  Moreover, you can't really write an internal complaint because you would need specific cases of abuse to report, and the program is covert, so the government has an official policy to deny it exists.


So, I figured the only legal way to stop the crime would be to get myself targetted by one of the groups that had illegal access to these tactics and technology.  I tried to guess the psychological profile of who might have access, came up with some real life guesses, and then wrote creative copy on the individual websites or in the comments section of news articles about these people/organizations. 


I attempted to write copy that would make a perpetrator come after me with this program though at the same time endear myself to those who viewed the copy who might be bystanders sympathetic to the victims - which is a difficult writing task to attempt in a comments section.


Two of my guesses were right - The Church of Scientology and Harvey Weinstein- and there are probably more correct guesses, but I'll save those guesses for a blog post.  To reiterate, the resources tab has news articles, movies, and television shows that report this information.




I was successful in getting myself targeted, and I tried to get these groups to attack me publicly so that there would be witnesses.  That worked as well, and I was attacked publicly. 


I worked at a nuclear generating station near Clemson, SC and experienced severe harassment (called workplace mobbing).  My story is typical of targeted people and I was subjected to the usual gaslighting, death threats, intimidation, slander, and epithets.  One guy even threatened to steal my vehicle.  


My home and vehicle were broken into frequently.  I was poisoned.  My pet was poisoned.  I was slandered.  I was subjected to noise campaigns at night and prevented from sleeping, and then goaded at work the next day.  Additionally, the management a the plant told me that if I ever complained that no one would admit to it and they would yank my security clearance.  I didn't have much recourse.  I reported the issue through several channels, but the management just canceled the report.


I will advertise this website in the vicinity of that plant, and I hope that one of the witnesses to my harassment will come forward.  Who knows they may be empowered after reviewing the information in the resources tab. 


My story is not unique.  Contract intimidation stalking and harassment is happening all over the world to people from all walks of life including children.  As I stated above, I've talked with over a thousand victims and their stories follow one of a dozen or so versions of the same type of attack.  It's always the same story.  These are not new tactics, and it happens all the time and in all industries - not just ones with a security clearance. 


In short, there are many people who could submit a tip that would reveal my harassment program, and most targeting programs have a similar group of bystanders and witnesses.  Anyone who witnessed a harassment campaign like I just described could go to the victim and the local authorities to offer help.




Oh, and if you are a perpetrator, I recommend turning yourself in.  Prosecutors only need a few witnesses for the state's evidence.  You want to be on the immunity side and not the plea bargain side of that deal.  We are talking about torture and attempted murder here, not just conspiracy.  I imagine the penalty would be severe.


Also, I've seen one of these types of group cases when I was a very junior sailor.  In that case, there were a bunch of people harassing one guy.  Similarly, I think there was some sexual assault involved in the case as well.  I don't know if there were a dozen or 20 or 25 people involved in that case but sure did haul all of them away at once.  So the "there are too many of us to prosecute" mentality might not work for you.  I recommend you turn yourself in and try to get a deal.  If you are questioned just tell the truth.  Don't lie and try to cover it up, because then you might not be eligible for leniency.