Targeted Individual

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For information leading to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators.

Targeted Individuals Are Victims of Contract Intimidation Stalking and a Type of "Havana Syndrome"  Electromagnetic Torture

The resources tab details similar cases of organized intimidation stalking and the "Havana Syndrome" which is a similar attack directed at Targeted Individuals


We need the public to step up with tips.  Any Information about contract stalking & harassment campaigns could help law enforcement find out which hired private investigators have access to illegal directed energy weapons.

How To win The Million Dollar Reward

I'm a former naval officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  When I learned of this illegal program I attempted to get the perpetrators to target me, so that I could learn more about the program and shut it down.  I took reasoned, calculated steps that have made exposing this program so easy that a couple of tips could free the victims and make you rich.

The East German Stasi

The Lives of Others


The 2007 Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language Film details organized intimidation stalking perpetrated by the East German Stasi

Harvey Weinstein's Army of Spies

Rhodes Scholar and reporter, Ronin Farrow, won the Pulitzer Prize for this work.  The piece describes contract intelligence work and closely relates to contract intimidation stalking. 


Calgary Officers Guilty of Corruption in Harassment Campaign Targeting Mother

This international harassment program could not exist without widespread corruption.

Targeted Individual Day 


August 29th, 2018